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Children's Mental Health Matters

The world's current situation has brought uncertainty and an array of other factors that have impacted families across the world, specifically our youth. Childrens’ mental health has been a concern since school closures, mandatory lockdowns, and the switch to virtual learning.

Have you noticed a change in your child during these difficult times? Reports from Stanford University Challenge Success, states that 56% of students reported stress related to school has increased in the past year and students feel less connected. More students have gained weight due to closure of school activities and sleep patterns are not what they used to be due to the increased stress levels. As a parent, it is important to notice our own stress levels as it does project on our children.

What can we do to help our children at home? It is recommended to disconnect and reconnect as a family. Challenge Success tips come in an acronym of PDF which stands for, playtime, downtime and family time. Below are links for ideas you can do with your child to improve family connections that may lead to increased mental health awareness in your children.

If you are extremely concerned for your child and notice changes in behaviors such as sudden withdrawal, insomnia, change in eating habits, lower self esteem and changes in conversation that includes talk of dying or suicide….don’t delay or credit it to teen age angst seek out a mental health professional for a professional evaluation. It is always better to err on the side of caution.

Are you and your child hurting from trauma? Does your child have issues at school or do you have issues at work? Does it seem like there is a crisis in the family most days? I can help guide you and your child through hard times and move past disturbing memories or difficult situations. Through the use of EMDR therapy, both you and your child may feel a sense of release and become more connected with yourself and others. I can help your child and/or yourself with the symptoms of anxiety, depression, anger and all that comes with life transitions. I am trained in play therapy, sand therapy, mindfulness and CBT techniques. I have had experience with children and adults of all ages. Everyone's path to mental healing looks different. I strive to provide an approach that is unique to each person's needs

Tommie Vela is supervised by Jan Shope LPC Supervisor.


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