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Election Day

I am encouraged by the number of people who went out to the polls to exercise their right to vote. Voter apathy never helps, as our leaders really don't know where most of us want our country to go if hardly any of us "speak up" through our right to vote. Special interests always have the politicians' ears and I believe it is high time this trend changes. This will not happen if we continue to let others decide our fate for us. They oftentimes do not have our best interests at heart even if they do know how to "sell" their particular package.

There has been a general sense of dread as I talk to my clients and those people I run into in the general public about where our country is headed. People are concerned about healthcare, our economy, and foreign policy, just to name a few. It has been difficult during the past couple of years just to stay afloat for a good number of us. Many come to seek my help to deal with anxiety, a form of fear, that is related to this overall concern. My hope is that now the election is over, we can get past the negative TV ads and the media telling us what we are to be afraid of, and focus on the task of pulling together to go forward in our families, communities and our country. Fear does nothing but paralyze us. Let's get past the fear and get down to the business of mending past hurts, starting with those who are closest to us and branching outwards. Here's to our future!

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