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Mission Statement

Lake Travis Counseling Connection offers professional counseling (psychotherapy) using sound, ethical counseling methods within comfortable, supportive, and safe surroundings. Creating this type of environment allows clients to discover/rediscover their personal growth and acquire appropriate self-management tools so that they may thrive in the life for which they are striving.


Our belief is that a therapist's job is to create a professional relationship based on interpersonal interaction, using in-person sessions as the preferred format for counseling.... especially in an age where technology, virtual only and forced algorithms in App form are becoming an acceptable new norm and are providing a less than ideal form of counseling care while also devaluing our profession.


We believe that our clients have a right to a high standard of quality mental health care so we made a decision to remain small. This allows us to offer personal administrative and professional care to our clients . 

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  • Are you having difficulty maintaining balance in your relationships?

  • Are you stuck in a job when what you really want is a successful career?

  • Are you a frustrated parent, feeling like you just can't get it right sometimes and wonder how your children will turn out?

  • Are you simply drifting through life with no purpose except to get yourself out of bed the next day?

  • Is it difficult to even get out of bed sometimes?

  • Are you dealing with a difficult boss or co-worker?

  • Do you simply wish life could be a whole lot easier?

  • Are you ready to create a life that works for you instead of against you?

We understand the
importance of the relationship you have with your therapist.  Therefore, we offer a 
FREE 20 minute
"Get To Know You"







Let us help you bring joy and balance back into your life!

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Meet Our Therapists




Happy Client

Jan Shope has helped me in so many areas of my life. She has helped me to grow as a person and discover happiness, joy, and faith in my life, when I thought I wouldn’t have any. She has helped me to find the tools within myself that I didn’t know I had to overcome addiction, depression, anxiety, self blame and guilt. She has helped me to have confidence that is still growing. She also encourages my creative expression through art and writing to relieve the stress I have been feeling in my life. She is an extremely gifted, empathetic, and wise counselor who is phenomenal at what she does.

— Christina R.

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